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Madison County School Food and Nutrition Services

Vision Statement

Serve every child every day.

Mission Statement

The Madison County Public School Food and Nutrition Services, as partners in education, contributes to a successful academic experience for every student. We provide a quality, nutritious and cost efficient meal program which strives to encourage a lifetime of making healthy choices, essential for students to reach their highest level of academic achievement, and wellness.

Our Values

  •  To serve nutritionally sound meals that are popular and affordable for all students.
  •  To adhere to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs.
  •  To exceed our customers’ expectations in quality and service.
  •  To encourage students to experience new foods.
  •  To manage all resources efficiently.
  •  To provide an enjoyable, pleasant, customer friendly eating environment.
  •  To remain financially self-supporting.
  •  To grow professionally through continuous education.
  •  To maintain high standards of sanitation and safety.
  •  Teamwork between staff, students and community.
  •  Utilize technology as needed to enhance effectiveness of the program.

Lunch Menus

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