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Career and Technical Education

Vision Statement

 The vision of the Career and Technical Education department is to provide opportunities for each student to obtain required skills necessary to receive Industry Certification/ Credential in their chosen career field enabling the student to make a viable decision between to enter the workforce or to pursue a post-secondary education.

 Career and Technical Education Department

Mission Statement

Each student will receive instruction in a Career and Technical Education Program of Study incorporating required skills necessary to be productive employees ready to enter the workforce upon graduation. Each Program of Study will incorporate Florida’s approved Curriculum Frameworks combined with rigorous core academic instruction necessary for a student to enter the workforce or post-secondary education upon graduation from high school.


The District School Board of Madison County offers Career and Technical Education programs designed to incorporate literacy and academic success, job skills, and 21st Century skill training that are demanded by today's workplace. Each program is designed to improve skill sets essential for a graduating student to enter the workforce or post-secondary educational opportunity while being considered as "College and Career Ready". Each Career and Technical Education program has an associated post-secondary pathway which prepares students as they continue their education on the trail to becoming "life-long learners". Madison County students are able to select a program of study based on individual interests and career plans. Research shows a large percentage of college students are having to work part-time while attending college. Below is a list of CTE programs available to all secondary students as they pursue their dream. Our desire is for all graduating students to be college and career ready with marketable skills enabling them to pursue a "high skill, high wage and high demand" career of their choice.

  1. Information & Communication Technology Essentials
  2. Agritechnology
  3. Allied Health Assisting
  4. Criminal Justice Operations
  5. Culinary Arts
  6. Integrated Technology Studies
  7. Applied Engineering Technology
  8. Early Childhood Education
  9. Industrial Biotechnology
  10. Power and Energy
  11. Web Development

CTE is for College and Careers

Continued education and training is requried in a vast majority of career fields. CTE programs offer many advantages to high school students. First, each CTE program includes a sequence of technical courses in addition to the traditional required core academic courses. Students graduating from today's high school by comp[leting corse academics and have completed a CTE program carry the advantage of of being prepared for both college and the workplace.

Madison County Central School

MCCS 6-7th grade students are eligible to participate in "Information & Communication Technology Essentials 1 and 2. 8th grade students complete their program with "Introduction to Information Technology" (IIT). IIT benefits students in two ways: it provides them with an opportunity to earn the nationally recognized Industry Certification, Microsoft Office Specialist, and after successful completion of all course work, students will receive high school credit. Additionally, interested 8th grade students may elect to take Agriscience Foundations as an elective. Successful completion of Agriscience Foundations will allow students to earn high school credit and continue with the Agritechnology program of study once they enter the 9th grade at MCHS.


Madison County High School

MCHS offers a wide variety of Career and Technical Education programs for students in grades 9-12. Most programs allow students to begin their studies in the 9th grade; however, Allied Health Assisting and Culinary Arts allow students to enroll in the 10th grade. Students interested in Allied Health Assisting are encouraged to complete Medical SKills and Services as a 9th grade student; while students interested in Culinary arts are encouraged to take Nutrition and Wellness (1st semester) and Principals of Food Preparation (2nd semester) during their 9th grade year.


Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

Career and Technical Student Organizations are  specifically designed for students enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. These organizations engage students through a focus on CTE application activities such as s developing and practicing leadership roles and apply specific occupational and academic content knowledge as an integral part of the instruction. FOr each CTSO, there is a local, state, and national component. Students are eligible to participate in the CTSO in their comprehensive or vocational school as long as they meet eligibility requirements set. In some cases, a CTSO may continue onto postsecondary programs and oppoortunities. The following CTSO's can be viewed by clicking on Career and Technical Student Organizations shown above.


Future Farmers of America - FFA

Health Occupations Students of America - HOSA

Family Career and Community leaders of America - FCCLA

Future Business Leaders of America - FBLA